Would you want to find Custom Sneakers?

 Custom shoes Air Jordan Sneakers seems to be one of the most popular categories here at MAS. Does that mean deep down inside, everyone of us   Air Jordans sneaker lovers can easily look at a pair of sneaks and notice something we would change about them if we had the option? Maybe… maybe not… you can be the judge of that.

Whatever the reason is that you love and want to see the creativity shown by a sneaker artists from around the world is between you and… well… you. We just want to help you do so by listing as many customized Air Force Ones, Air Jordans Shoes, Nike Sneakers, etc that we can get our hands on. Sure we are not simply a custom sneaker blog, but that wont stop us for bring you what you are looking for from various custom shoe designers. Nike Air Max 90 , If for some reason you are looking for a pair of kicks you may have found on a custom sneaker forum, don’t hesitate to contact us and see if we can get our hands on them. Enjoy!

One thing that has become surprisingly popular over the last few years is custom sneaker art. Nike Hats Maybe we see a colorway that we would never buy, let alone wear; yet sneakerheads from all over spend, when combined, hours looking at and talking about sneaker art designs. Nike Shox They take time to explain why they don’t like a certain aspect of the artwork that the designer did, or what they themselves would do differently if they were the artist. Whatever your particular case might be, enjoy the custom sneaker designs we have here at Myairshoes.com.

Please make sure you don’t confuse us with one of those companies out there who actually can design and make your favorite customs; because we can’t/don’t. We aren’t brave enough to go out and get our own tag-its custom sneaker kit, with sneaker paint, dyeing materials, and custom kicks tutorial included, to start making customized versions of your favorite sneakers. Maybe you are, and if so… go for it! Men Nike Shox Another interesting touch athletic shoe loves have been doing to make their shoes a bit different is making or buying custom sneaker shoe laces. At first that might see like a waste of time, but when you think about it… it makes sense. Imagine a normal pair of Air Jordan XI Space Jam’s with a pair army fatigue shoe laces? Nike Air Structure Triax 91  ,It would completely destroy a shoe masterpiece most of you would probably agree. Imagine using a pair of black shoe laces with small sections of the threads with white and dark blue in them; quite different right? So the possibility of changing up your kicks with a pair of laces is very do-able.

One company that has noticed the demand is Nike; thus the reason they probably started the Nike ID website. They are pretty much the only custom sneakers manufacturer who is willing to make kicks ENTIRELY based upon what each individual consumer ways. Adidas is another shoe maker who is willing the customize kicks per the request of an individual person. There are a few small sneaker sites out there that will let you send in a pair of your own kicks to get customized as well. Another option is to see some of the posts we have put on this page from a wide variety of artists who are more than willing to take the ideas you have and do your custom alterations requests; for example you can contact pill, casey, custom shoes. We have heard that there are large domains of sneakers from places like New Work, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, China, various places in California, Philadelphia, the UK, Austin Texas, Miami, Atlanta, Italy, London, Kansas City, Australia, Boston, Bangkok, San Francisco bay area, and more. A good place to find custom sneaks for sale is ebay or various sneaker forums; and you can even find some for kids.

It doesn’t just stop with customizing shoes either, even more recent we are getting requests to customize shoe boxes. Can you believe that?Nike SB Dunk High Mens  And it doesn’t stop there. We are finding sneakerheads are enjoying putting their favorite kicks in a custom box, but also a with matching custom bags. Those who have a larger budget are requesting a normal building company for additions to their homes for a custom shoe closet, shelves, racks, or cabinet to protect their “valuable” footwear products in their own sneaker storage compound.. Like we said in the beginning, people go through what seems to be so much effort to get their favorite sneaker the way they want it. Along with protecting them, they use custom sneaker fitting companies to get their kicks maneuvered in a way that it will without fail fit them perfectly. In some cases go so far as getting custom insoles and shoe inserts from professional orthotics.

It might be safe to assume that after all of the above stated information… you can find custom shoes for any occasion or person you are looking for. Customized kicks can be found for women, men, kids, wide feet, big feet, small feed, kids, flat feet, and discounted & cheap prices. Nike ACG Now lets talk about some of the well known custom kicks that everyone seems to want to get their hands on.

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the history of Coogi And the Coogi Developing

Coogi is one of the many brands considered as one of the top hip-hop clothing lines in the urban community. Coogi Denim Shorts  With its noticable vibrant colors, unique designs, and sophisticated fashion, Coogi became a brand known for manifesting a person’s attitude through color, texture, movement, and pattern Coogi Women Tops. Coogi Jeans -197

Coogi, a fashion label known for its colorful knitwear, is a brand known even since the time when hip-hop culture was presented in the forefront of the fashion industry. Coogi Hats The brand was founded in 1969 with its name Cuggi in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia by Jacky Taranto. The name was then changed to from Cuggi to Coogi in 1987 to sound ore like an indigenous Australian name.

While the brand was founded in Australia, it mainly got its popularity in the US. It was in the 1990s that the Notorious B.I.G introduced Coogi in the urban fashion industry in New York through his music. He used the brand in one of his famous rap line in his platinum single “One More Chance” in which started a chain reaction that led to the success of   Coogi Men T-Shirts in the fashion industry.

Aside from the Notorious B.I.G, other hip-hop artists have also represented the brand including Rass Kass and Foxx. Other personalities that represented the brand includes international celebrities John Denver and even Muhammad Ali.  Coogi Mens Hoodies ,
Because of a major financial problem caused by the September 11 terrorist attack, the brand struggled to maintain its position in the fashion industry. To counter this, Jacky Taranto decided to sell the brand to a US joint venture, Coogi Partners LLC, in 2002.

It is stated in a report that Jacky Taranto, even though the brand is generating $40 million dollars in annuall sales, is bankrupted which led him to sell the brand on US investors. The success of Coogi grew even more, and now it is considered as one of the top brands that brought the hip-hop culture to the forefront of fashion industry.

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The Chanel was popular by people

Into the 20’s, Chanel designed a number of innovative models, such Knit sailor dress (tricot sailor dress), black miniskirt (little black dress), bottles of sets of clothes and so lead. Chanel Mens Shoes Moreover, Coco made inspiration from men’s, women’s add a little man named for the taste of a women’s over-year change Gorgeous gorgeous fashion.Chanel Handbags , For example, a suit jacket (Blazer) joined the women’s series, they have put women’s pants. Do not forget, in the 20’s women only wear skirts. Coco This series brings the history of creation as a major revolution of modern fashion. Coco unique fashion aesthetic views and a rare talent, so she made a lot of poets, painters and intellectuals. Abstract of her friends have sent master Picasso (Picasso), French poet, director yet.Chanel Womens Short Sleeve T-Shirts , High grams more (Jean Cocteau) and so on. 1:00 romantic elegance, fashion and art in France is the golden period of development.

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