the history of Coogi And the Coogi Developing

Coogi is one of the many brands considered as one of the top hip-hop clothing lines in the urban community. Coogi Denim Shorts  With its noticable vibrant colors, unique designs, and sophisticated fashion, Coogi became a brand known for manifesting a person’s attitude through color, texture, movement, and pattern Coogi Women Tops. Coogi Jeans -197

Coogi, a fashion label known for its colorful knitwear, is a brand known even since the time when hip-hop culture was presented in the forefront of the fashion industry. Coogi Hats The brand was founded in 1969 with its name Cuggi in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia by Jacky Taranto. The name was then changed to from Cuggi to Coogi in 1987 to sound ore like an indigenous Australian name.

While the brand was founded in Australia, it mainly got its popularity in the US. It was in the 1990s that the Notorious B.I.G introduced Coogi in the urban fashion industry in New York through his music. He used the brand in one of his famous rap line in his platinum single “One More Chance” in which started a chain reaction that led to the success of   Coogi Men T-Shirts in the fashion industry.

Aside from the Notorious B.I.G, other hip-hop artists have also represented the brand including Rass Kass and Foxx. Other personalities that represented the brand includes international celebrities John Denver and even Muhammad Ali.  Coogi Mens Hoodies ,
Because of a major financial problem caused by the September 11 terrorist attack, the brand struggled to maintain its position in the fashion industry. To counter this, Jacky Taranto decided to sell the brand to a US joint venture, Coogi Partners LLC, in 2002.

It is stated in a report that Jacky Taranto, even though the brand is generating $40 million dollars in annuall sales, is bankrupted which led him to sell the brand on US investors. The success of Coogi grew even more, and now it is considered as one of the top brands that brought the hip-hop culture to the forefront of fashion industry.

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