The Chanel was popular by people

Into the 20’s, Chanel designed a number of innovative models, such Knit sailor dress (tricot sailor dress), black miniskirt (little black dress), bottles of sets of clothes and so lead. Chanel Mens Shoes Moreover, Coco made inspiration from men’s, women’s add a little man named for the taste of a women’s over-year change Gorgeous gorgeous fashion.Chanel Handbags , For example, a suit jacket (Blazer) joined the women’s series, they have put women’s pants. Do not forget, in the 20’s women only wear skirts. Coco This series brings the history of creation as a major revolution of modern fashion. Coco unique fashion aesthetic views and a rare talent, so she made a lot of poets, painters and intellectuals. Abstract of her friends have sent master Picasso (Picasso), French poet, director yet.Chanel Womens Short Sleeve T-Shirts , High grams more (Jean Cocteau) and so on. 1:00 romantic elegance, fashion and art in France is the golden period of development.

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